All-in-one Control

All-in-one Control

All applications are well integrated once install on the HERO Exp platform. Therefore you can manage all businesses on the centralized platform anytime anywhere. Its functions cover the daily operations, including inventory management, menu management as well as business data analysis. HERO Exp helps you start your business fast and easily with minimum investment cost.

Manage Anytime, Anywhere

Manage Anytime, Anywhere

All items, menus, pricing, discounts, tax & service charge and operation panels can be edit and share across all outlets by HERO. All of these configurations can be done in a single backend HERO system. Sales data from different properties or outlets will be centralizing in a single database. Operation is able to generate comparison reports between properties or outlets.

Support Windows and Android Platform

Support Windows and Android Platform

Classical terminal? Portable device? HERO EXPRESS supports both of them. It allows you to utilize the space-saving smart device-tablet as POS terminal. Those devices are economical and user-friendly. As a result, your investment cost and training time for staffs can be minimized.

Want Any of These Feature

Basic Functions

 Basic Ordering

 Smart Combo Set

 Timeslot Management

 Cloud-based admin platform

 Real-time sales data backup

 Real-time report

 Stock Operation

 Switch Outlet

 Toggle Fast Food Mode

 Switch User

 Admin Mode

 Restart auto station

 Reload Business Setup

 Change Language

 Manual Change Price Level

 Read Octopus Card

 Octopus Add Value

 Generate OCTOPUS transaction file

HQ Central Cloud Platform

 Manage multiple store in one place

 Backup sales data

 Multi-level access rights

 Manage menu item in one place

 Flexible modifier setting

 Flexible combo rules setting

 Flexible item price setting

 Real-time operations reports

 Real-time sales reports

Table Management

 Table status overview

 Table time management

 Multi-level order management

 Rapid table changing

 Rapid table combination

 Rapid table splitting

 Change Table

 Lock Table

 Unlock Table

 Split Item To Other Table

Order Service

 Order with pictures

 Order set meal

 Menu with meals on separate pages

 Meal search list

 Slide/touch-type page flip

 Display menu and single item ordering on the same page

 Fast quantity adustment for individual item

 Fast price adjustment for individual item price

 Fast totaling and splitting for food prices

 On screen display sold-out or remaining items

 Table lock when ordering to avoid duplication

 Super free combo rules

 Item Category

 Composite item

 Unlimited modifiers

 Customizable panel style

 Item Discount For Multiple Item

 Item Discount For All Items

 Void Item Discount for Multiple Items

 Quick split orders

 Removable un-sent items

 Sent item could be cancelled

 Repeat Multiple Items

 Retrieve Ordered Items in Reservation

 Retrieve Pre-order Items (Table)

 Retrieve Ordered Items in Reservation

 Repeat Multiple Item

 Delete Multiple Item

 Sell Coupon


 Kitchen display

 Print orders for the kitchen, by customer, for takeouts, cancellations, and table changes as well as account closing records

 Print check in multi-language

 Time and staff record in all printouts

 Lost order prevention mechanism

 Adjust printing for the kitchen copy and split bill

 Have a designated printer print out each food category

 Kitchen to print only added items in sent orders

 Kitchen to print cancelled items

 Kitchen to print await items, with no. of awaited times

 Reprint check

 Adhoc rearrange printers

 Printer status

Service Status

 Revise single-order service status

 Change service status for entire order

 Mark delivery

 Increment Course

 Ordered but not served

 Served but not yet paid


 Rush Order

 Reprint kitchen copy

 Not yet ordered > change meal service

 Ordered > change meal service

 Not yet ordered > cancel order

 Ordered > cancel order

 Service complete > change items

 Service complete > cancel items



 Check Takeout

Account and Fraud Prevention

 Set staff ID

 Lock primary operation authorization

 Record of primary operators

 User Time In/Out

 Subtotal transfer

 Calculate closed account

 Order invalidation and discount record

 Check history

 Void check history

 Record of cash expenditure and shortage

 Daily individual item sales record

 Record of discount and deleted items

 Cash counter management


 Minimum charge

 Split bill by order amount

 Split bills according to meal items

 Manual bill splitting module

 Open Drawer

 Cashier Mode

 Adjust Tips

 Adjust Payments

 Discount by item

 Discount by bill

 Void Check Discount

 Check Extra Charge

 Waive SC / Tax

 Add SC / Tax

 Void Check Extra Charge

 Print And Paid

 Guest Check Preview

 Receipt Preview

 Check Listing

 Table Message Reminder

 Print Paid Check

 Re-print receipt

 Void Check

 Void Paid Check

 Release Payment

 Paid In

 Paid Out

Period and Invertroy Management

 Different price on different dates 

 Differnet price on different time slot

 Different items display on different dates

 Different items display on different time slot

 Adjust price with an effective date

 Adjust items with an effective date

 Special price on special dates

 Apply discount or service charge by time slot

 Ingredients deduction

 Realtime in-store inventory review

 Simple inventory check feature

 Stock Balance Change

 Stock Delivery Order Setup

 Receive Stock Delivery Invoice

Unlimited Modifiers

Unlimited Modifiers

Design an unlimited amount of custom menu item modifiers. Each menu item can have its unique modifier method attached, so you have total flexibility to provide your staff with easy and intuitive choices when order items.

Order in Line

Order in Line

Whether you are a quick service, fast casual operation or simply offer a full service restaurant offering takeout services, line busting has never been easier. Pre-order in line in busy periods helps to shorten unsightly lines and reduce customers’ time-to-sell experience.

Table Side Ordering

Table Side Ordering

Restaurants now have portable, fully featured restaurant POS to take orders right at the table, get instant pairing recommendation to help upsell, transmit orders directly to the kitchen. It increases the efficiency of the restaurant.

Support Offline Mode

Support Offline Mode

HERO is designed for cloud base setup, however we support local server mode for properties without stable internet connectivity. Critical modules such as POS, Table management and Membership Modules can be run on offline mode. During end of business day, the operation still have the opportunity to upload the related sales data, reservation records and member details to the HQ for property group data analysis.

Consistent Guest Experience

Consistent Guest Experience

Staff turnover at restaurants is brutal, but HERO EXPRESS prompts waiters to create a consistent, positive guest experience. Guests are taken care of faster, while the visit feels more relaxed. HERO EXPRESS is able to provide not only a truly professional restaurant software, but a truly professional atmosphere.

Easy Use and Fast Installation

Easy Use and Fast Installation

You can start your business only one POS workstation and HERO EXPRESS. Other equipments such as cash drawer and receipt printer can be added as needed. The interface is friendly and familiar, so you can place or take orders with little to no training.

Support Offline Mode

Support Offline Mode

No internet still work

HERO EXPRESS is designed for cloud based setup, however we support local server mode for properties without stable internet connectivity. Critical modules such as POS, Table management and Membership Modules can be run on offline mode. During end of business day, the operation still have the opportunity to upload the related sales data, reservation records and member details to the HQ for property group data analysis.

HERO EXPRESS Central Platform

HQ central platform helps you control everything

Data collection by different modules can be maintained in a single point. For instance, member profiles that are created in POS, Table Management and Membership module will be consolidated into a single pool of member profiles. This enables the operation to generate comprehensive analysis of their customer behavior and launching cost-effective marketing activities.

HERO EXPRESS Central Platform

Web OrderingEnterprise

Web Ordering

Order By the Guest

Two ways:
First, Guest can pre-order meals without leaving seat, using the tablets installed on each tablet. Once the order is completed the guest can approach the cashier counter and retrieve their order using the table number. Staff can then settle the bill and send the order to kitchen for preparation.

Step 1: Browse the restaurant menu.
Step 2: Add orders to cart and make payment.
Step 3: Indulge.

Compare with traditional food court operation, HERO provides a much more relaxing dining experience to their guest. HERO also reduce the man power required on taking orders, such way the operation staffs can focus more on service quality and other on-site promotion activities.
Second, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). We provide solutions for online pre-ordering on Android & iOS devices. Guest can download App, pre-order and retrieve the order when you arrive at the outlet.

Step 1: Download the Restaurant App by scanning the QR code.
Step 2: Pre-order and retrieve it when you arrive at the outlet.
Step 3: Make payment, sit back and relax.

Digital SignageEnterprise

Display menu digitally instead of paper

Guests can view the menu through the store display such as TV sets or electronic display devices. It helps merchant to alleviate the queueing pressure and save menu paper.

Digital Signage

Kitchen DisplayEnterprise

Kitchen Display

Display checks in the kitchen directly once ordering

Merchant choose the kitchen display which one screen can show several items at one time, it is not only save kitchen printer paper, but also save time and read easily for kitchen master at peak hours.